ABOUT McGibney Productions is a small family run award winning production company that was founded in 2012 by Jordan, Rebecca, Lilly, and Luke McGibney.

The family has a variety of film and theatre skills and likes to embrace both worlds to produce honest and entertaining work.


Currently they are in the early stages of developing two feature films: Swing Vote, a dark comedy and Shadow Boxer, a sports drama. In 2015 they will be producing a further series of short films alongside developing two television pilots TOSA and BATSMITH.


In 2010 Vader the Rise and Fall (Jordan McGibney) written by Luke McGibney, was selected by Leicester Film Festival and noted for it’s intelligent political satire of the Blair government and Iraq War.


In 2012 they produced Richard III: Memoir Of A Kings Love (Jordan McGibney) starring Jolie Myatt, winning 17 film awards to date, including selection from Rupert Gould to reach the final of Filming Shakespeare patroned by Kenneth Branagh.


2013 saw production of a TV Web series pilot of Pride and Prejudice (Rebecca McGibney) that is now in further development. Alongside this they produced Stereotype (Jordan and Rebecca McGibney) starring Jordan Smith, Noor Lawson, Aaron Smith and Mark Jarvis. This is a provocative urban drama that is at the final stages of post production.